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Playmates Child Care and Development Center is a privately-owned facility which opened May 26, 1998. New ownership took place June 20, 2011. New facility opened June 11, 2018. We believe that early childhood should be a time of fun, exploring, discovering and security! Young children are creative and receptive; our qualified staff strives to encourage these qualities in all the children who attend. Our center’s purpose is to provide a safe atmosphere that stimulates social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole. Our curriculum consists of hands on play, including art, blocks, science and nature, sand and water, dramatic play, food preparation, music and rhythm, books and story time. Games, field trips, teacher interaction and celebration of birthdays and holidays are also included in our curriculum. 

Standards: Playmates Child Care and Development Center is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Human Resources, Division of Child Development. Our center complies with all the standards put forth by this department. We also participate in the Subsidized Child Care Program through the Department of Social Services. We accept children regardless of race, sex or religion. 

Mission Statement: At Playmates Child Care and Development Center, our mission is to provide quality child care that meets the need of each individual child and family. We pride our center’s focus on providing a developmentally appropriate atmosphere which promotes each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual growth. We aim to support the early learning years of each child in a safe, nurturing and academically rich environment. 

Philosophy Statement and Values: Each child brings to Playmates Child Care and Development Center their own life experience. Partnerships between families and the Center are essential to the proper growth and development of each individual child. We endeavor to construct and promote these strong partnerships with families and create a feeling of community. 

Playmates Child Care and Development Center recognizes the significance of play in the learning process for young children. Play is the foundation for learning in our programs. We aspire to provide a completely motivating, developmentally appropriate environment which encompasses the various learning styles of children. The environment allows for children to grow and master skills at their own speed. 

Playmates Child Care and Development Center strives to empower young children, promote individuality, and develop strong partnerships with families while creating an environment that helps young children attain physical, cognitive, social, and emotional competence in order to prepare each individual for the next step in life. 

Playmates Child Care and Development Center promotes Christian values and embraces a loving, caring and compassionate spirit at all times. We do second chances. We say, “I’m sorry.” We respect each other. We give hugs. We pray hard. We love one another. We are family. 

At Playmates Child Care and Development Center, we actively promote inclusive practice in order to best meet the needs of the children, families and staff of our center. We do not exclude children with disabilities from our programs unless their presence would pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others, require a fundamental alteration to our program, or if we feel that we are not or no longer equipped to meet the child's needs. All children are welcome to attend Playmates Child Care and Development Center regardless of ability, need, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances. Through inclusive practice, we aim to reflect our wider community and promote positive attitudes to both the similarities and differences in each other. In order to achieve this, we actively engage with children, parents, and the community. 

The People That Make Us Who We Are


Hello and thank you for visiting by our website! My name is Tonia Hill and I’m the President/CEO of Playmates Child Care and Development Center Inc. I purchased Playmates in June 2011. I had never imagined owning a child care center; It is truly the work of God that has placed me in such a wonderful career that I absolutely love. I believe my unique skills and my extensive background in business management and marketing has helped me be the best I can for the company and has helped it grow into what it is today. I’m a  Johnston County native and have lived here in the Pine Level area since I got married in 1994. I have three wonderful children; Hunter my oldest is currently a senior at Campbell University pursuing a degree in Trust and Wealth Management Pre-law. Fisher, my middle child, is currently a freshman at Princeton High School. Fisher plays on the JV Football team. Fisher enjoys all aspects of the outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and sports. Gracie, my youngest, is currently attending kindergarten at Princeton elementary. Gracie enjoys playing outside and absolutely loves the beach. My husband of 25 years, Chris, has been with me in every decision from the beginning. His support has truly been a blessing to me and the children of this center. Chris is a big part here at Playmates from handling general maintenance to assembly of new equipment that adds smiles to our children's faces. Here at Playmates Child Care we are truly a family owned business and we incorporate this unique style and brand into everything we do. I hope if you’re looking for childcare in our area you consider stopping by and seeing what makes our center so special from the family and Christian values to the highest quality in education and care. My team and I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Tonia Hill, President/CEO

Meet Our Executive Director


Welcome! My name is Angie Rollins, and I have served as the Executive Director of Playmates Child Care Center for nearly 8 years now. I am also mother to three wonderful children ages 22, 17, and 15. I am originally from Hyde County, NC, a place that I will forever hold close in my heart, but have happily lived in the sweet little town of Pine Level for nearly 20 years now. It is such a pleasure to both live and work in a community where neighbors feel more like family. I attended the University of Mount Olive where I graduated with high honors in 2008, receiving my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. For nearly 25 years I have devoted my professional life to the education of young children. It is my belief that we as educators are responsible for providing positive learning experiences for all children beginning at infancy. Respect and patience, along with absolute love, care, attention, and strong family connections are at the heart of an exemplary early childhood program. We at Playmates always strive to provide each of these vital aspects in order to best support each child as they travel the road to their future endeavors.

Angie Rollins, Vice President of Operations

Our Team
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